Many people believe that followers are nothing more than weak subordinates who must be motivated, inspired and guided in order to move in the “right” direction. They see followers as sheep. This common belief that followers are servants is nothing more than a myth - the followership myth. The problem with this myth is that it has led to a general lack of interest in followers and their followership. As a consequence, people continue to focus their attention on leaders, failing to see just how important true followers really are. 
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True followers are far more important than the followership myth will have us believe. Just take the fact that followers choose their leaders, not the other way around. We cannot make people follow us. We can force them to obey orders, but that does not make them followers. Thus, true followers choose who to follow, when to follow and how to follow. As you probably know by experience, we are far more likely to be committed, active and productive when we do something we want to do. The problem is that we have built our societies based on control, dominance and hierarchy. How does that affect our ability to truly follow or lead others? Read more in the book Beyond the Leadership Myth: Why We Follow Leaders and Lead Followers.
We should not confuse followers and leaders with persons but rather with roles that people take on at times to build collaborationship.
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