For hundreds of years, people have been fascinated about leaders and their leadership. Today many still believe that a group’s success largely depends on its “leader” (by leader they generally mean the person who makes decisions). This focus on leaders have made leadership a very lucrative business where Individuals, companies, organizations and schools etc. spend vast amounts of money on “leadership development” every year. However, considering this enormous investment, if leaders are the key to success, why are we not seeing greater achievements? Could it be that leadership is not as important as we believe it is? Read more


If we work together, we can achieve greatness! The better people in a group collaborate, the greater their chance of success. But what is collaborationship and how does it affect our ability to build success? Read more



Unlike the great interest in leadership, people tend to be far more indifferent to those who follow leaders - the followers. One reason is that many people assume followers are less important than leaders. But considering that very little is known about true followers and their followership, this attitude towards followers is peculiar. Is it possible that we are missing something important by focusing on leaders and ignoring followers? Read more


There are no leaders without followers, and without collaborationship there are neither leaders nor followers. Put differently, we cannot study one without understanding the other two. This is why our lack of interest in followers have led to a limited understanding of not only true followership but also true leadership. 
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