It started in 2007 when a relative of mine asked me a simple question: “Everyone talks about the importance of leaders, but what do we know about those who follow leaders - the followers?” It was an interesting question and I had no idea how to answer it. Like most people I grew up believing in the old leadership myth and had therefore not paid much attention to those who follow leaders. Curious to find out more, I began to search for answers.

Followers From a Follower Perspective

When I first embarked on my journey, it seemed logical to approach the subject from a follower perspective. By that I mean I wanted to understand why people like you and I follow leaders and how we can improve our own followership skills. To my surprise, I found that very little has actually been written about followers from their perspective. Most of what is out there has been written for decision-makers who want to strengthen their control over their subordinates. This tendency to view followers from an authoritative perspective, has hindered our understanding of both true followership and true leadership. To move beyond the leadership myth, we have to view followers from a follower perspective.
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