By working together, people can achieve greatness! If two or more individuals share the same vision or goal they can choose to collaborate. By sharing information, experience and knowledge etc. they can build synergies, which they hope will improve their chances of being successful in their undertakings. This process is what I call collaborationship. Of course, how well individuals in a group collaborate will determine the level of their collaborationship. This is where true leadership and true followership comes into play
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Collaborationship is the process in which people, who share a common vision or goal, will interact by combining forces in order to create synergies, thereby helping the group maximize their total output.



Every individual within a group have an effect on the group’s collaborationship. The better the individuals collaborate and make use of each other’s strengths, the greater their achievements. When people lead and follow each other in a group, they are simply trying to improve collaborationship and thereby maximizing the group’s total achievement. In other words, true leadership and true followership are simply tools that people use to build strong collaborationship.
In the book Beyond the Leadership Myth, I show how collaborationship has been an important part of human social interaction for at least 200 000 years.  That means true followership and leadership has been part of who we are long before Modern Man began to introduce dominance and hierarchies as means of gaining and maintaining power.  Collaborationship is found in every corner of the world, in all types of social gatherings where groups of people decide to collaborate to reach a common vision or goal. It may be found in massive and complex groups, such as a political party trying to win an election; or in simple situations, such as when a couple is planning to redecorate their living room. Understanding collaborationship is vital if we want to learn more about what true leadership and followership is all about!
True leadership and true followership has nothing to do with power, dominance, control or hierarchy. They are simply tools that people use to build collaborationship.
How well individuals in a group collaborate will determine the level of their collaborationship.
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